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The management of forest is not simple work,

It’s made even more difficult in tropical and subtropical regions where the diversity of life takes many forms and a great variety of tree species can be found in the same area accompanied by exuberant flora and fauna.

Nature is sensitive to human presence,

but when it is treated with respect, many of its resources will continue to flow, much like fresh water from streams. We are not strangers to the forest, in fact we consider ourselves part of it.

In the forests we manage, the tapir and the red brocket deer walk alongside our foresters as they select and mark trees for future harvesting. Foxes and agoutis share the roads with our trucks as they carry recently-cut timber, and not far from where we turn logs into beautiful materials for your home, the jaguar’s deep call can be heard as it prowls the forest.

With the passing of time the forest recovers naturally,

for our work leaves no indelible mark on the land.  In fact, well-planned management produces the necessary gaps that allow older trees to give way to younger ones that wait below in their shade.

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